Biodesign® Fistula Plug

Fistula Plug

Enhance quality of life.

Patients suffering from anal or rectovaginal fistulae experience painful and embarrassing symptoms that completely alter their quality of life.

The Biodesign® Fistula Plug is designed for simple placement and suturing. Biodesign acts as a scaffold, allowing tissue to grow and close the fistula tract. The result is remodeled, vascularized tissue and fistula closure without muscle damage that can lead to incontinence. Patients may return to a normal life, free from discomfort and drainage.

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NOTE: Any medical device has the potential for complications. Please consult product labels and inserts for indications, contraindications, hazards, warnings, precautions, and instructions for use. Potential complications with use of a biologic graft may include bleeding, infection, abscess, induration, acute or chronic inflammation (initial use of biologic graft materials may be associated with transient, mild, localized inflammation), allergic reaction, visceral adhesions, fistula formation, seroma formation, hematoma, extrusion, recurrence of tissue defect, and delayed or failed incorporation of the device.

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